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hey friends juts wanted to how was your day? and need to know can i discuss about other topics here? the site seem's great so just need some help and guidance.
Doreen Nebbia(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with everyone.
Your work is beautiful ♡
Sue Palmer(non-registered)
Can you tell me more about how the image of the sloop Clearwater was produced? It's gorgeous! So glad you allowed the Clearwater association permission to share it via FB!
Laura Finkelstein(non-registered)
An absolutely incredible collection of photography. I just don't have the words to describe how wonderful your images are: exquisite clarity, beautiful design and composition, different 'textures', unusual shapes and perspectives, wonderful use of light. I love the "architectural" shots, but I can see the brilliance in every one of your images.
Jerome (J. Cartier Photographer(non-registered)
I enjoyed scrolling through your photos.
Keep up the good work.
John Garofal(non-registered)
Met you at The Gathering of Old Cars as you were taking pictures of my 1951 Studebaker. Would love to see what you were telling me about those shots when completed .
JoAnn Palmer(non-registered)
Beautiful photos full of expression, passion and meaning, your love of photography echos in your photos.
Marilyn Cramer(non-registered)
Andy, your photos are so gorgeous and artistic! The lighting and mood of each of your photos is extraordinary, amd your B & W photos are as good as the late, great Ansel Adams.

Love & Light,
Leighton Allenby
Great meeting you the other day at Matchbox Cafe - very impressed with you website and your ability to capture all the details in each photos.

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